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Enjoy Scenic Mountain Views In Snowdonia

Enjoy scenic mountain views in Snowdonia

The Old Farmhouse is a friendly place to stay when you tour all Snowdonia has to offer. Our Mount Snowdon B and B is one people love because of the extensive activities in the area and the beautiful vistas.

About Mount Snowdon

While it is the highest mountain in England and Wales, many consider it the friendliest too. The mountain is located in Snowdonia National Park and there are many ways to ascend. As well as its popularity for the scenery, there are also links to Arthurian legend that interest many people. In the UK, it is the busiest mountain and home to the only public rack and pinion railway.

Travel Up

With breathtaking views all around and the chance to see the British Isles at the summit, you don’t even need to hike up. One of the many routes you can take is The Snowdonia Mountain Railway. It runs to the top for most of the year because in winter there is too much snow. There is also a cafe located at the summit which is open when the railway is.

For the adventurous, there are more difficult paths you can take. Mount Snowdon is also considered one of the best places in Britain for rock climbing.

It is very beneficial to ensure that you have the correct knowledge, equipment and skills before heading out. Trails are suitable for those of moderate fitness and all experience levels, but preparing accordingly allows you to stay safe.

The many routes include Llanberis Path. It follows the railway and people consider it the easiest. There is also Watkin Path, known as the most demanding, along with many others.

The Perfect Views

There are plenty of choices to view the mountain scenery for everyone. If you take the train you can view them while sitting comfortably. The national park also allows for some amazing sights if you take to the hundreds of public footpaths. There’s so much to see and do, so come and visit us!

The Old Farmhouse is the place to go to escape. A Mount Snowdon B and B people adore, there are many attractions nearby. Get in touch if you need any more information as we love to help people.

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